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Sacred Mayan Crossing 2017

This will be truly amazing to see if you are visiting Cozumel during the end of May!  Experience an ancient ritual from the fascinating Mayan culture.   The Sacred Mayan Crossing will take place In Xcaret from 20th-21st May 2017.   It is a recreation of the ancient Mayan ritual pilgrimage undertaken by the original inhabitants of Yucatán. Thirty canoes take part measuring 26-feet are hand made using an ancient Mayan model.   Each canoe has a crew of four to six and are picked from 400 oarsmen from the communities of Xcaret, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen after intense training.  The challenge for them is to row across the Channel of Cozumel from Polé, present-day Xcaret, to the island of Cuzamil (Cozumel) and to return later to Xaman Há, now known as Playa del Carmen. The Crossing is a total of 50 kilometers (30 miles) roundtrip, which is some 5 to 6 hours of rowing over the 420-meter deep Cozumel Channel. The south to north current running at 2 to 4 knots requires great physical strength and endurance to navigate which makes for a risky crossing for the oarsmen.  Hence the intense training. First the canoes set out from Pole (Xcaret) to […]

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Semana Santa / Holy Week in Cozumel

In Mexico, a country with deep-rooted Christian traditions, the Holy Week is a national holiday, with all schools and many public and private companies closed during those day.  Holy Week (Semana Santa) is a very important religious observance, as well as an important vacation period here in Mexico. It is preceded by other observances such as Lent (Cuaresma) and Carnaval (Carnival). Holy Week begins properly on Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) and historically, this is the day according to the Gospels that Jesus arrived triumphantly into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey ! Semana Santa is the beginning of the Easter festivities with masses held at the Iglesia de San Miguel and also at the Iglesia de Corpus Christi.  These masses are followed by candelit vigils and the burning of the model of Judas. On Easter Sunday the church altars are filled with flowers and the streets are decorated in preparation for the Easter parade.  In the Plaza Central de San Miguel de Cozumel the people gather for fun and music and the children have the tradition of cracking eggs filled with confetti over each others heads. If you are fortunate enough to be here during these festivities make […]

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Cozumel Carnival 2016

Cozumel Carnival 2016 will be held from Wednesday 3rd February to Wednesday 10th February.  This is an extravaganza definitely not to be missed!  The island’s spectacular annual Mardis Gras has over 130 years of history and is usually held sometime in February and ends on Events on ‘Fat Tuesday’ with dazzling technicolor processions with everyone in costume and fabulous musicians playing all along the seafront.  Each year and Carnival King and Queen are elected by the local people of Cozumel. Cozumel Carnival Events February 3 – Wednesday Coronation of Carnival Kings and Queens Parque Quintana Roo FREE – Open to the Public 8:00 pm February 4 – Thursday Comparsa Dance Contests – All Day Parque Quintana Roo Advance Ticket Purchase Required February 5 – Friday More Costume & Comparsa Dance Contests – All Day & Night Parque Quintana Roo Advance Ticket Purchase Required 9:00 pm – Music, General Access & Seating Begins 10:30 pm – Carnaval Ballet 2016 Performance 10:40 pm – Introduction of Carnaval 2016 Host Memo-Memo el Mero-Mero Carnavalero 10:50 pm – Show of the Emperors of Carnaval 2016 11:10 pm – Young Adults Dance Group Competition Begins 12:10 pm – Open Category Dance Competition Begins 1:00 am – […]

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GFNY Cozumel November 22, 2015

Join GFNY on Nov 22, 2015 for a ride that you will never forget through the breath taking island of Cozumel. The Gran Fondo will take you all the way around the island, as you enjoy the spectacular views of this Mayan paradise. You will ride through 20 miles of coastline roads, which stretch along the tempting turquoise ocean, as you push yourself through the island’s challenging winds. GET READY– this will be a truly challenging and competitive race with some amazing athletes ready to conquer the island as the Mayans did 3000 years ago. Come see why Cozumel has become a top destination for many of the world’s most ambitious athletes. GFNY COZUMEL has partnered with Uli and Lidia of Gran Fondo New York to make sure your event is a true Gran Fondo style experience!

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Festival de San Miguel Arcangel

From September 21-29 2015 Cozumel celebrates one of its most important religious festivals honouring Saint Michael or San Miguel Arcángel who is the patron saint of Cozumel hence the name of the capital of the island San Miguel de Cozumel.   In 1526, Francisco de Montejo, conquered Cozumel, representing the King of Spain, and gave the island the Christian name of San Miguel de Cozumel.  Cozumel has since honored San Miguel Arcángel as its patron saint since 1848. The local people take part in daily colourful processions during this week dressed in their traditional huipiles and there are many stalls set up selling local crafts and delicious foods from the region.  On the last day of the festival the local fisherman have a procession from the centre to the pier carrying an image of San Miguel where they then board a boat.  The locals accompany the fishermen in other boats and throw flowers into the ocean as they sail.  Its a very old and beautiful tradition well worth taking part if you get the chance. There are many colourful festivals throughout the year on the island of Cozumel.  The festival de San Miguel de Arcángel is just one of them.  We […]

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Mr Sancho´s Triathlon

With the support of the Mexican Triathlon Federation,  Mr Sancho’s Beach Club invites triathletes, recreational athletes and the general public to the Mr Sancho’s Triathlon which will take place on Sunday August 23 from 7:00 am starting at the Beach Club which is located at Carretera Costera Sur Km 15 Cozumel island. SPRINT: 750 mts Swim, 20 kms Bike and 5 kms Run OLYMPIC: 1,500 mts Swim, 40 kms Bike and 10 kms Run More info: triatlonmrsanchos@gmail.com

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Ironman Cozumel November 29, 2015

Ironman Cozumel is a two-transition course that starts with a single-loop swim in water that is teeming with tropical fish within tironman cozumelhe protected waters of the Reefs of Cozumel National Park at Chankanaab Park Beach. The 180-kilometer, three-lap bike course in Cozumel is pancake-flat, taking competitors along the spectacular coastline of beaches and resorts and through the town of San Miguel de Cozumel.

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Independence Day Cozumel

Independence Day is the most important national holiday of the year for the Mexican people. On the night of September 15, residents and visitors come to City Hall, as they do in all the cities around Mexico, to participate in the traditional cry for independence, Viva Mexico known as ´El Grito!

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